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Jarc Infotech and Certifiedoutsourcing.com
Be aware of Jarcinfotech and Certifiedoutsourcing

As an entrepreneur and a human being in the same time. I decided to share my experience with a web designer and a programer so called “company”, that tricked me and stole my time and my money.

I will keep it short by telling the summary of the story:

December 2011: I posted a new project on freelancer.com and finally 37 people applied and one of them was Jarc Infotech


January 2012: After detailed analysis and research we made on the different providers, we decided to start the project with Jarc Infotech for their very “attractive” price and good reference. Please check below their introduction and reference in the links…..




==>> 100% Project Completion Guarantee
==>> NO RISK.

==>> We are declared No. 1 by Certified Outsourcing.
==>> ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
==>> Manager Direct Mobile Number to talk anytime
==>> 24×7 support on Mobile, Chat and eMail
==>> 365 Days Maintenance ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!
==>> Basic SEO FREE!!!


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Our Team Benefits:
-FREE Technical Support for 365 days.
-Daily reports by emails/ chat/ Phone.
-FREE Basic SEO/ SEM service.
-FREE Deployment

I would request you to please reply via PMB so that we can discuss your project further and take the next steps on this important initiative of yours.

Look forward to your response for further communication.

Warm Regards

January 2012: From the beginning of the project the trick started the following way: the “project manager” Rex contacted me and suggested me not to hire them on freelancer.com (where the projected originally was posted), but to hire them on another website (CERTTIFIEDOUTSOURCING.COM), why? because this website does not take commission as other freelancing and outsourcing websites do ! the commission would have been 165 USD which is 10% of 1650 USD. Please check their email below:

Hello Ahmad

This is Rex. I have been allocated as a project manager to your project.

Please find the attachment as the detailed proposal. Once the project will be assigned to us, we will be sending you a detailed SRS (Software requirement specifications) depending on the data provided from your end. This SRS will include the following:

1) Name of the technologies to be used in your project.
2) Detailed functionality & features of the application at the time of delivery.
3) The scope of the application & compatibility specifications.
4) Different steps/ stages in the development stage of your application.
5) Starting & Delivery date of your project.

Please note: the Freelancer.com use to charge around 7-10 % of project value from service buyer (i.e. you) on project award. This will be an additional cost to you.
Instead of Freelancer.com we can use the CertifiedOutsourcing.com. It’s the same portal as Freelancer.com and provides the same escrow service as Freelancer.com. The additional benefit is, its 100% free for Service Buyers (i.e. you).

Look forward for your response.

Gtalk: jarcinfotech@gmail.com

“Proposal” : At first they sent me a proposal, that included some BIG LIES:
Over 40 employees :)
A team of 4 people will work on the project (that include a Senior Professional Programer)…. HAHA… Of Course…. I saw that in the results !
There were so many lies that I dont even want to waste time on, but the biggest lie was: THE DEADLINE: Beta Delivery: 2012. Feb. 15. and Final Delivery: 2012. Feb. 20
January – May 2012: After I received the very simple and poor design that took a month to finish, they asked me to make an escrow for the programming part as well and by that time I had already invested 165 USD to start + 495 USD the design + 495 USD to start the programming. The first 165 usd I have already released, the second and third are “supposed to be” in the system as escrows or milestones that are not yet released!

During these 5 months, they sent me the worst quality of work I ever expected in my life, and I suffered so much with them: the website was static and not dynamic, completely unuseful, they did nothing from what I have asked. The project manager (Rex) even went to holiday and since then never came back! and some other guy (Mark: maybe also him LOL) became the project manager.

I had many arguments with them because I was shocked on the work I received every time, it really seemed like some kids who have nothing to do with programming are just playing around.

Finally they made me a big “PROMISE” that they will employ an external resource / new programer that will do the job and I will be definitely satisfied with his work !

Finally: I GOT NOTHING ! same quality kids poor job and there is no way I can continue with these guys

((( The Trick )))
As I was really fed up with these unknown amateur kids working on my dream project…. I offered them many times to pay me back at least half of my money and keep the other half but they refused and decided to go for a dispute !!!

For some reason, Jarc Infotech was always ready to go for a dispute, even when they were late more than 3 months of the deadline, and made me the worst website I ever expected that does not meet any of the conditions that we agreed on…….you wanna know why? check this out:
Two times we were about to open a dispute on Certifiedoutsourcing, first time the website asked both of us (as the 2 parts of the dispute) to pay 10% of the value of the whole project (1650 usd), second time it became 15% (247.5 usd)…..But, who is this stupid idiot, who would pay an additional 247.5 usd after a loss of 1160 usd and a loss of 5 months of time???? And, how come the company Jarc Infotech was always prepared and had the dispute fee prepared.
Certifiedoutsourcing.com : For some reason, why the website has this name while Jarc Infotech is the only company on the website that has an ISO9001 certificate ! but not only that, it is right at the top of all other companies and it is getting the most projects…. weird isn’t it? could it be all a coincidence? ! LOL
Another thing, how come, JarcInfotech and Certifiedoutsourcing both of them take the same length of time to answer any email. Both of them take about 2-3 day just to answer a single email ! while both of them supposed to be Huge companies with tens of employees !
Couple of months ago, I checked the company’s profile in Certifiedoutsourcing.com and it had some projects valued at 3000, 5000 USD, and now if you check their profile you won’t see that ! ??
And….there is no any possibility to reach Jarc Infotech or Certifiedoutsourcing by phone…. so any person fall in their trap…. does not Annoy them !
If it means something: the outsourcing website and the provider company are either ONE or they have a special partnership / cartel

It is not the money I lost pains me, but the time and effort I spent on my project. I advice every single person whether doing a small or big project not to fall in the same TRAP !

And finally please do this favor, and report them and just copy and paste the link of this blog !

Thank you forward,

Wish you best of luck!



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